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Sustainable Sanitation Solutions including:a) Portable Latrines and b) Single use biodegradable toilet.
product-01 a) IY offers a durable solution for a household latrine at similar price (around 140 USD) than a traditional latrine made of wood and bamboo. DuraPorta® Toilet is very easy to put together and does not require any special training or tools; it light weight makes it also easy to erect or carry. It can be taken apart and re-erected several times in need be. DuraPorta® Toilet resistant to corrosion, durable and resistant to local weather conditions. The design of the superstructure intentionally does not use natural materials such as wood and bamboo and hence reduces the impact on the local environmental. For institutional latrines IY offers dislodging systems from our own “screw” manual systems to vacuum pumps according to the client‘s demand. According to a UNICEF report “latrines are rarely available in the field, where many people work, and they thus have to resort to open defecation”. IY will target rural populations, land owners and institutional clients such as schools with this product.
product-02 b) In addition, IY is the official representative in Myanmar for Peepoo®, an innovative toilet solution consisting of a special and biodegradable over time plastic bag with an inner layer of urea crystals  -a commonly used fertilizer- that speed up the transformation of human waste into fertilizer.  The bag kit is complemented with a plastic small seat and after being used it can be simply buried on the ground where after a few months.
Long Lasting Impregnated Mosquito Nets (LLINs)

product-03IY has been the sole distributor for Netprotect® in Myanmar. The nets are made of polyethylene (PE), which is sturdier than normal nets made out of cloth. Also, the insecticide is incorporated into the Netprotect® LLINs fibre and releases the substance in a control manner over a period of 5 years, which is the time the net can be used effectively. Using Netprotect® also reduces the use of chemicals that are required to re-treat cloth nets every six month hence reducing the concerns about the chemical’s disposal DuraNet® LLINs are made with slighter thicker polyethylene (PE) yarns (150 denier) than Netprotect® (118 denier), making them much stronger than polyester (PES) or cloth nets. DuraNet® LLINs will maintain their effectiveness for a lifetime of up to 5 years; which is proving to be almost twice as long as the lifespan of all polyester (PES) nets on the market.

In addition, in DuraNet® LLINs, the insecticide is incorporated into the fibre and is control released over time.  Just the right amount of insecticide migrates to the surface over their entire lifespan.

DuraNet® eliminates the need for the retreatment that may be needed for surface treated polyester (PES) nets. This is important because people will not have to handle the insecticide used in typical retreatment and worry about its disposal.

Solar Lights and chargers

The out-of-date electrical infrastructure in Myanmar leaves around 70 % of its population without access to electricity. The problem is more acute in the rural areas of the country where people rely mostly on portable lanterns powered by alkaline batteries for lighting.

The Sunlife® product line is a range of affordable, modular solar powered energy solutions for lighting, mobile phones and radios.  In emergencies (including natural and political disasters), Sunlife® products will provide much needed relief to those affected, helping rebuild their lives from devastation to a return to a sense of normalcy by providing lighting, connectivity and information.


product-05IY supplies a rehousing solution from Bestnet® europe  that will eliminate the use of tent-houses that often ends up as waste. The solution is based on an innovative concept that is ideal for rapid temporary rehousing in emergencysituations, as well as being repurposed for permanent housing.

Unique Advantages of Lifesheter®:

  • Simple and Easy to Erect
  • Rapid assembly without tools
  • Minimal use of materials due to optimized design

Cost Effective

  • Eliminates the high costs associated with wood, steel, nails and screws
  • One structure replaces the subsequent needs for multiple housing solutions from emergency tents to transitional housing and permanent homes

Mobile and Reusable

  • Durable low-weight components

Lifewell ®is an innovative water filter solution consisting of a 10 litre water bag and a detachable hollow fibre UF filter, which will remove 99.9999% of all bacteria from untreated water - including e. coli, campylobacter, vibrio cholera, psedomonas aeruginosa, shigella and salmonella. Lifewell has been designed for use in developing countries and disaster areas, where access to clean drinking water is particularly important.

The water bag features large built-in handles that facilitate both handling and transportation, as well as a quick-fill intake that allows end-users to source untreated water quickly and easily.

The detachable filter unit is easy to clean - requiring only occasional back-flushing with clean water - and has a long service life compared to other solutions, since particles in the untreated water will settle below the water bag’s filter inlet in order to prevent filter clogging.

Lifewell takes up little space when not in use or during transportation due to its space-saving design, which allows the empty water bag to be rolled around the detached filter.

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